“When I Let Go Of What I Am, I Become What I Might Be”: Study Abroad Lessons

While I’ve been back in New York City for a while I’ve still been trying to put into words the experiences and memories I’ve created this summer, and I still can’t even decide where I want to begin this journey of reflection. As you may or may not know I had the privilege of spending my summer outside of the United States: I studied abroad for six weeks in Madrid and then went back home to Monterrey, Mexico for two weeks to conduct research on popular female perceptions of Our Lady of Guadalupe (and yes, there will be a blog post on doing research soon!). Madrid was beautiful and pushed me towards learning more about who I am and what I want in life, but being in Mexico was such a refreshing reminder of my roots and overall my favorite experience abroad.

I’ve said this before on here, but as someone who grew up in a low-income household I always viewed travelling as a luxury that I’d never be able to do at this age. I had to negotiate and talk to many people at NYU to get the funding for Madrid, and a lot of work was put in so that I could earn travel grants for my research in Mexico. I’m a strong believer of putting yourself out there to get what you want, and I don’t think anyone’s financial situation should prevent them from living their best life (but if you’re stuck, click here for a list of study abroad scholarships I created). To be honest with you there were moments I felt guilt, as if I wasn’t supposed to be in Europe, and it was tough having to miss out on several experiences because I could not afford them, yet being able to say I lived in Spain for a period of time is something I never imagined.

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Study Abroad Scholarships and Opportunities

I’ve come to believe that studying abroad is an absolute necessity in college and will completely transform your perspective in how you view your education as well as your community, however I can’t omit the fact that it is a luxury. While it’s not easy to afford taking classes or pursuing an internship abroad that should not stop you when there’s hundreds of organizations and websites who want to fund students like us to gain an international edge. These opportunities are not ones you should put the side! Programs are for undergraduate and graduate students as well as recent graduates.

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24 Hours in LA

As I was waiting in the airport last week I was thinking of all the institutions and benefactors that have contributed towards my education and dreams; I began thinking about how these organizations have elevated me and how grateful I am to have reached this point. When I assess my growth as a student and young woman, however, there is one organization that has undeniably played a role in the development of my academic abilities and my plan of action for success. With only six weeks left to apply to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund I have had a lot of time to reflect on the impact this organization has had on my life, not only academically but also deep beyond the surface.

Last Monday HSF flew me in to Los Angeles to film an interview in which I basically just talked about myself and my background and accomplishments, and I was reminded just how terrible I am in front of a camera! But in all seriousness I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotion at some of the questions for I was prompted to look at all the hard work and effort I had to put in to be sitting in front of that videographer. Still, I failed to believe that out of the hundreds of scholars I was one of the very few they chose to interview. I’ve met so many people with accomplishments that left me speechless and amazed, so what made mine so special? Why were they so proud of me that they decided to go through all of the expenses of flying me in for literally one day for this very moment? The Hispanic Scholarship Fund has changed my life for the better, and this is no exaggeration.

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Vamos pa’ Madrid

Last week I had the honor of visiting Madrid, Spain with about 30 other NYU students through the Presidential Honors Scholars Program, and it was truly an unforgettable experience spent with extraordinary people. I was only there for a week and in all honesty we probably only got a total of 8 hours of sleep during our time there but I already miss all of it! As I had never left the continent before this trip I took this as an opportunity to completely leave my comfort zone and explore, not only to learn more about Spain but to also learn more about myself. With that being said, there was a lot to be learned that week.

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