What I Wish I’d Known Before College- Part 1

You always seem to see and hear about the great things surrounding college: yes, you meet new people, you get to experience new opportunities, and you are finally an adult! It’s all so amazing and exciting, and even if college classes are difficult how bad could it get, right? Adjusting to college life and to new responsibilities, however, is something people don’t really talk about because of shame or discomfort. Change is really hard, and nobody talks in detail about all the personal obstacles and about those moments where you really doubt if you even belong in college.

Talking about their own experiences in college and what they wish they would have known are Ana Espaderos and Maria Mendoza, current undergrad students at Texas A&M and Harvard University, respectively. Their stories are not only inspiring but also refreshing reminders that success never comes easy.

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Wavy Girl Spotlight: Teju Adeniji

There are women who wait for the right time to create change, and then there are women like Teju who take it upon themselves to make time.

I have known Teju since elementary school when we used to ride the bus together; she is the first friend I made moving into this new school and we instantly clicked as we were both girls with big dreams and big hearts. She is one of the few people I have stayed in touch with for this long because her ambition and drive continue to inspire me to this day. Her benevolence, tenacity, and charisma not only make her a remarkable student in the classroom but also a dynamic figure in her community. Teju knows exactly what she’s worth and for as long as I’ve known her she has never sold herself short; she is the kind of leader I aspire to be.

Teju is a second generation Nigerian American woman and a current second year student at the University of Texas pursuing a Psychology B.S. in the Pre-Med track. She interns at the Office of Student Success and is involved in various organizations on campus including Women of Excellence, African Student Organization, Black Health Professions Organization, and MOVE (Medical Opportunity for Volunteering Experience). She also mentors seven lucky freshmen through Foundations Scholars Program and is deeply involved in the Celestial Church of Christ. Teju believes in the importance of surrounding yourself with family and friends, and when she finds some free time she enjoys finding new spots to eat, watching Netflix, and tuning in to ABC’s Shonda Rhimes Lineup TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday).

I spoke with Teju to hear more about her own experience with college, being a woman color, and balancing life while still getting ahead.

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